Philippine EXPO 2018 Ueno Park Tokyo

Philippine EXPO 2018 Ueno Park Tokyo


Start time: Thursday 10:00 (14 June)
End time: Sunday 19:00 (17 June)


We are to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines. Philippines is the neighboring country of the south and has a long and deep relationship with Japan. With President Duterte, the relation between the two countries has been maintained well, and the community-level exchanges are becoming active day by day. That is, we have been acting to aim the mutual understanding of our friendship and goodwill between the two countries as well as the people in Philippines. We have successfully received about 150,000 visitors in Japan last year. The goal of this initiative is to provide a space for such exchange where people of Japan and Philippines both enjoy, to encourage many people to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines. Also, I would like to introduce the activities of Japanese companies that are the leading role in economic exchanges based on the agreement of both governments. This year, people of Philippines with overflowing energy and many people in Japan who love the Philippines will cooperate and make it a better event than last year.