Om Your Yoga™ 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Okinawa Yoga College

Om Your Yoga™ 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with The Okinawa Yoga College


Start time: Saturday 08:00 (15 September)


The Okinawa Yoga Studio
1-313 Miyagi, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 904-0113, Okinawa-shi


Om Your Yoga™ presented by The Okinawa Yoga College

We at The Okinawa Yoga College live our lives by the OM Your Yoga ™ philosophy - lead with empowerment, kindness, and gratitude in service to others with yoga. While having an unwavering belief in one's natural capabilities. We believe in being gentle, determined, strong, doing no harm, and taking no bs.

We are looking for students with kindness, determination, and grit, but who also will have an open mind, open heart, and a willingness to emerge as the best versions of themselves.
Those who want to grow and empower others with the Om Your Yoga ™ teachings of this program. Please note that nowhere in our program does it say that you must be able to do all the yoga poses, or the perfect warrior 3, or handstand. We don't care about that because you're coming to us to learn. We would much prefer someone with an open mind who can't do a pose, than someone who is closed minded but has the perfect handstand. We are here for the growth that comes from the teachings of this program.

The Okinawa Yoga College will build confident, compassionate, loving, and knowledgeable teachers. You need to ask yourself if you have the love and determination to get through what is sure to be a demanding yet empowering training.

In addition, the curriculum goes above and beyond what is required by Yoga Alliance and provides all the foundational tools you need as a yoga teacher. We live our lives by the Om Your Yoga™ message, which is designed to bring old world yogic principles to modern life. We are confident that through this training you will emerge as an exceptional yoga teacher eager to help and empower others to learn and live their best lives in a healthy productive manner.

Upon successfully passing our 200hr program, you will be certified to teach yoga that can go anywhere in the world. You will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Please note that we do not sell certifications and that your participation in the training does not guarantee you a certification. Certifications will be granted only upon successfully completing all the requirements. The graduation ceremony will take place on the last day of the training.

Who is this training for?

This training is intensive. It’s no joke. This is a time for deep reflection and intensive study that will not only better your own life, but brighten the lives of those you reach through your teaching.

This training is for people who aren't 100% satisfied with where they're at. It's for people who are ready to make a change, but who might be a little apprehensive about taking the first step.

This training is for people who want more out of their lives, who feel that deep down, they possess a profound innately held strength and gift, and are looking for a training to help them bring it to life.

This yoga teacher training is best suited for people who want to be yoga teachers. We are open to accepting people who are looking to deepen their own personal practice yet do not have a desire to teach. However, please note that this training has a strong emphasis on developing qualified exceptional teachers and there will be a tremendous amount of practice teaching throughout the program in which all trainees are expected to participate.

The overview of the curriculum and requirements is as follows:

Yogic Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

· History of Yoga
· Introduction to Yogic Texts
· Introduction to Yamas and Niyamas
· Introduction to Ayurveda
· Introduction to Sanskrit
· Introduction to Sacred Sound
· The Yogi Entrepreneur: Independent Contractor, resume, social media, marketing, networking, and how to create revenue streams as a yoga teacher.

Teaching Methodology
· Applying Yogic Ethics to Modern Business as a Yoga Teacher
· The OM Your Yoga ™ Greatness Within: Realizing your true potential and empowering others
· Yoga Class Structure and Sequencing
· Yoga Workshop Structure
· Principles of Demonstrating & Assisting
· Communication Skills for Yoga Teachers
· How to Teach Special Groups- An emphasis on people with PTSD, people with injuries, people with disabilities and the elderly

Anatomy and Physiology
· Basics of Human Anatomy: Muscular, Skeletal
· Basic Movement Foundations and Joint Safety
· Principles of the Energy Anatomy of Yoga
· Introduction to Chakras
· Stress, the Human Body and Gut Health
· Strength Building Fitness for Yoga

Techniques, Training and Practice
· Meditations, Mantras, Mudras
· Pranayama Techniques and Practices
· Teaching Sun Salutations
· Teaching Warm Up Poses
· Teaching Standing Poses
· Teaching Stabilization Poses
· Teaching Hip Openers
· Teaching Twists
· Teaching Backbends
· Teaching Lateral Bends
· Teaching Forward Bends
· Teaching Balance Poses
· Teaching Inversions

Additional Supplementary Teachings
· Introduction to Yin Yoga
· Introduction to SUP Yoga
· Introduction to Aerial Yoga
· Aromatherapy for Yoga

Practicum and Requirements
· Teaching a Yoga Class
· Observing a Yoga Class
· Assisting a Yoga Class
· Complete Course Work
· Written Exams
· Attendance Requirement

To enroll:
* click link here: which will take you to our registration booking page. Scroll down to the September training, click and continue with the registration prompts.
* You will be required to pay a non-refundable $500.00 deposit due at the time of registration. The remaining balance is due the day before the start of the training. Payment plans are available so that the balance is paid over time with the total tuition paid by the due date.
* Once you sign up with your deposit you will receive an student enrollment form questionnaire and recommended books for the course along with the first assignment. Students will need to purchase their books (these can be purchased through amazon).
* All students will receive an Om Your Yoga™ Teacher Training manual on the first day of class.

Full Tuition cost: $2300.00

Class dates and schedule:

Sept 15- Sept 23, 2017 8am - 6pm
Sept 24- Sept 28, 2017 11am-1pm
Sept 29-Sept 30, 2017 8am-6pm
Oct 1-Oct 5, 2017 11am-1pm
Oct 9-Oct12,2017 11am-1:30pm
Oct 13-Oct 14, 2017 8am- 6pm
Oct 15- Oct 19, 2017 11am-1pm
Oct 20-21, 2017 8am-6pm
Oct 22-Oct 26, 2017 11am-1pm

Final Thoughts

We are inspired and proud of the curriculum we've developed here at The Okinawa Yoga College. We know that this is going to be an unforgettable life changing experience for those who attend and we are honored and humbled to share this adventure with you.

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