Nagoya Dutch Pancake Night - Wednesday 13 June

Nagoya Dutch Pancake Night - Wednesday 13 June


Start time: Wednesday 19:00 (13 June)
End time: Wednesday 23:00 (13 June)


Here the Whatsapp group chat for this event:
Join the Dutch pancake night in Nagoya on Wednesday 13 June from 7pm onwards. On the night we will make Dutch pancakes, have other dinner food, taste exotic cocktails and other drinks. At 11pm we will then go to a bar / club!

This Dutch pancake party is a continuation of ones that I organized in other cities, right now for more than 350 times, for example in Jakarta, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Dar Es Salaam.

Here several pages on the Dutch Pancake Night:
- Event page for this edition:
- My TEDx talk on globetrotting with Dutch Pancake Events:
- Dutch Pancake event page:

The location of the event will be announced soon.

The event is free and also the pancakes and food provided is free. If you decide to join, feel free to bring toppings or snacks! I make sure there are sufficient pancake ingredients. Drinks have to be bought at the location though.

If you fancy to join, feel free to contact me:
- Facebook
- Whatsapp: +31 653 330 057

Hope to see many of you then!