Mount Fuji [July Tour]

Mount Fuji [July Tour]


Start time: Saturday 10:00 (07 July)
End time: Sunday 16:00 (08 July)


There is a Japanese proverb that says, "He who climbs Mt. Fuji is a wise man. He who climbs it twice is a fool."

Mount Fuji has recently been made a UNESCO's World Heritage site, and this is your chance to see the breath-taking sunrise, meet lots of people, and make new friends while trekking Japan's most iconic mountain.

This hike will be lead by a Mt. Fuji Certified Hiking Guide and includes a stay at a mountain hut en-route, making this challenging adventure also suitable for novice hikers. The mountain hut stay is a unique experience in itself, and helps adjusting to the altitude. There is also the opportunity to visit an onsen after the hike to relax, recover, and reflect on your accomplishment at scaling Japan's highest mountain.

Cross this off your Japan 'to do' bucket list!

==RSVPing here does not secure your spot. Please sign up on Tokyo Gaijins website and complete reservation!==


- Meet in Shinjuku at 10am
- Get on the bus
- Stop for some food/snacks on the way
- Arrive at Kawaguchiko 5th station around 2pm
- Get rental gears (if needed) and get changed
- Distribution of supplies/gear check/acclimatize
- Have lunch (not provided)
- Final gear check
- Start the hike at 3pm
- Warm-up hike to the Safety Guidance Center
- Safety briefing/pairing/acclimatize/stretching/group photo.
- See the dramatic reflection of the sunset over the horizon (weather permitting)
- Arrive at the 8th station and the hut around 7:30pm
- Check-in at the reserved mountain hut
- Have dinner (not provided)
- Stay overnight

- Have breakfast (not provided)
- Start the hike at 1:30am
- Arrive at the summit around 4:30am
- See the sunrise around 5am (weather permitting)
- Optional 2 hour crater walk
- Start the descent at 5:30am
- Arrive back at Kawaguchiko 5th station around 10am
- Return rental gear
- Have lunch (not provided)
- Bus departs at 11am
- Stop by for onsen and lunch on the way (12pm-1:30)
- Arrive back in Shinjuku around 4pm


- Private bus transportation (round-trip)
- Mountain hut accommodation
- Mt. Fuji Certified Hiking Guide
- Fun and cute (English/Japanese speaking) hike coordinator
- Travel insurance
- 8% consumption tax

- Rain jacket and pants (3,500yen) *Gore-Tex technology or equivalent
- Hiking/trekking shoes (3,500yen) *Gore-Tex technology or equivalent
- Backpack with rain cover (3,500yen)
- Hiking/trekking poles (2,500yen)
- Headlamp w/ spare batteries (1,000yen)
- Gaiters (1,000yen)

- Oxygen canister (800yen)
- Onsen (1,200yen)

- Birthday on Jul 7-8 (3,000yen)

PRICE: 18,900YEN

==RSVPing here does not secure your spot. Please sign up on Tokyo Gaijins website and complete reservation!==


- Itinerary may vary due to the weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances.
- You MUST have your own insurance (health, social, company, etc.) to be able join. Please carry your Japanese National Health Insurance card (or travel insurance details) with you.
- This hike is ON rain or shine!
- Mountain weather can be unpredictable and can change without any warnings so be well prepared.
- Your safety is our number one priority so our mountain guides reserve the right to decide (if the weather is bad on the day) whether it is safe to summit or not.
- There will be no refund in case we cannot reach the summit and have to turn back due to bad weather.
Climbers of Mt. Fuji are asked to contribute 1,000 yen for the preservation of the environment, and maintenance of the trails and facilities for climber safety. There are collection stations at each trailhead.
- Mt. Fuji is 3,776m above sea level and Kawaguchiko-5th station (Mt Fuji starting point) is 2,305m (more than 1,500m vertical ascent).
- We will use the Kawaguchiko/Fujiyoshida hike trail for both the ascent and descent.
- The weather on the mountain will be very cold even in summer, around 0 to -5 °C with wind chill so be well equipped.
- Our goal is to reach the summit between 3:30-4:30am to avoid getting stuck in a ridiculous pilgrimage.
- You'll be exposed to strong winds for an hour at the summit before they open the summit shop/huts so make sure to bring extra layers.
- We will stay in a reserved mountain hut located at the 8th station to rest and to help acclimatize to the altitude.
In case of bad weather or if you're suffering from altitude sickness before we reach the booked Mountain Hut. The participant must cover the mountain hut fee.
- We reserve the right to refuse participants without proper hiking attire.
- Persons with heart ailment and/or serious knee problems are not allowed to participate.
- Reasonable fitness required.
- Hiking experience not necessary but an advantage.
- Oxygen (canister) is highly recommended as it helps prevent altitude sickness.
- "Buddy" system will be strictly applied.
- You and your partner should look out for each other throughout the hike.
- Only bring the stuff you need for the hike, the lighter the backpack, the better.
- You can leave some of your stuff, such as spare clothes, in the lockers at the 5th station.
- You can buy food and drinks on the trail but it will be very expensive.
- This trip complies with All Nippon Travel Association's (ANTA) Mt Fuji Hiking guidelines where 'Bullet Climbing' (climbing continuously without a sufficient rest stop.) is no longer allowed. In recent years a number of serious illnesses' and injuries have occurred due to the altitude and increased popularity of the climb. This has also caused major congestion on the trails preventing climbers getting to the top for sunrise.
- The average hike takes about 5-8 hours (standard for fairly fit people) but we will rest at a reserved mountain hut to avoid the risk of people getting sick (worst case, collapsing) due to thin air. This way, even people without any hiking experience have a greater chance of reaching the summit.
- Mt. Fuji mountain huts are a unique experience in itself. They are basic but are warm, dry, and provide good shelter from the elements, perfect for acclimatizing to the altitude, and making sure you maximize your enjoyment of the climb. They also have toilet facilities.
- At the summit you can hike around the crater (about 2 hr) and/or send postcards to love ones from the summit post office (weather permitting).
- Hiking stick for sale at the 5th station (1,000yen or 1,500yen with flag).
- Stick stamps available at every stations for 200-300yen.
- Final details will be sent to the participants two days before the event.