Let's play with flowers and scents! - Women in Kimonos

Let's play with flowers and scents! - Women in Kimonos


Start time: Sunday 10:00 (18 March)
End time: Sunday 16:00 (18 March)


Hello everyone!

Another small festival is coming up in Yanai this March. It is called Hana Koyu. This years theme is "Let's play with flowers and scents."

This event is a day that women are encouraged to dress in kimonos and walk along the traditional white wall street. There is also festival foods and smaller events and games hosted along the street. It is a simple but fun event. You can even make your own goldfish lantern!

Though if you want to rent/try on a kimono a reservation is required. [YOU YOURSELF WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT]
Telephone Number: 0820-23-3655
Contact Person: Masunaga Sensei
(If you need help making a reservation ask your teachers to assist you when making the call. The staff is so nice that even if you try yourself you might be able to do it.)

I joined it my first year here back in 2016, but was unable to go last year. The picture used for the event is of myself wearing a special Yanai Jima weave.

More details can be found on the event poster.