Kumafest 2

Kumafest 2


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (21 April)
End time: Sunday 10:00 (22 April)


熊本県阿蘇郡南阿蘇村久石4411-9, Minamioguni-machi Aso-gun


Kumafest 2: The only party of its kind - in the world, literally.

Once again, it’s music and party time on the side of the world’s largest caldera, brought to you by Kumajet.
For those of you leaving Japan this summer, it’s a great last chance to see friends.

ARRIVAL TIME: Anytime after 2 pm.

DEPARTURE TIME: Anytime before 10pm April 22. Same day ok.

COST: 1000 yen!

-The whole Minami Aso amphitheater, Aspecta, has been rented out for our fun and fancies.
-Like last year, it’s dirt cheap: 1,000 yen.
-Arrival time is anytime.
-From 2pm till 7pm we will be bumpin’ music over the amphitheater speakers.
- Submit any songs that you would like to hear bumped over the stadium speakers.
-In the evening and into the night it will be bonfire and bbqing and more music.
- Two large steel drum bbqs have been rented out for grilling goodies.
- Jungle juice is what will be on tap. For those uninitiated with the jungle juice, it’s a large vat of magically merged and skillfully stirred alcohol and fruit (juice). Going to be heavy on the fruit juice rather than the fruit. It’s Japan, what can you do.
- The campground area at the amphitheater is included in the event price, so for those staying the night, as the fires and music die down, on to cozy blankets and cozy tents for caldera-side ZZZs.

*** There are still 5 tents available. If you want to stay but aren't bringing a tent, you can request a spot in one, or even request one for you and friends. It's probably best to request a tent for you and your friends.

-Your amazing self.
-1,000 yen
-Food, ready to eat or to be bbq’d.
-Extra drink, in case the jungle juice isn’t your thing, or if you’re a thirsty drinker.
-Warm clothes, in case it’s a chilly evening.
-Tent, if you are staying the night.
-Warm sleeping bag or blankets (if you are staying) in case it’s a chilly night.
THINGS TO DO IN THE AREA, in case one wants to do some sightseeing first:

SEE THE CALDERA - FINALLY!!!!!!!!: After having been closed for 3.5 years, the Mt. Aso caldera is finally open again. Come out and peer down into one of the world's largest active volcanoes. (Be forewarned: there are days where gas levels are high and people aren't allowed up to the rim)

ONSEN: Just up the hill from the amphitheater is a hot spring, Green Pia, that has one of the best views of Mt. Aso. Stellar onsen, top 5 in Kumamoto for view. Open from 12:30.

UNFINISHED TRAIN TUNNEL: Takamori Yusui Tunnel. One of the area’s more famous sightseeing spots is this unfinished train tunnel that dead ends in a rock wall that has spring water gushing from it. Bring a jacket, it’s chilly. https://goo.gl/maps/mwt27Nnt6EK2

FRESHWATER SPRING: The most famous fresh water spring in Kumamoto is the Shirakawa suigen. It’s where the Shirakawa river, one of the longest rivers in Kumamoto, starts.

CHICKEN HAMBURGER: Strong Boss Saloon has some of the best western food in Kumamoto. I would argue that their chicken sandwich is the best – and biggest – chick sandwich that you can get in Kumamoto. https://goo.gl/maps/2dSdWL1Hirx

TOFU LOVER'S RESTAURANT: For tofu lovers, this restaurant serves up a pretty mean tofu set meal. Before going here, I didn’t know tofu could be prepared in so many ways. Yum. https://goo.gl/maps/5NivFrNS5Q12
Cafés: There are tons of nice cafes in Minami Aso. Just do a search in google maps and you’ll find all kinds of amazing, relaxing, cute, and quaint places. Bring a book. If anyone wants any recommendation, I’d be happy to offer some.

WATERFALL: Kiyomizu waterfall, a mossy waterfall surrounded by random, unusual statues doing who knows what in the middle of who knows where. Cool strange place. https://goo.gl/maps/p2zwMWaNJs72

Events around 熊本県野外劇場ASPECTA(アスペクタ)

27 km »


Saturday 14:00 (12 May)
Kumamoto Artpolis, Kumamoto-shi

Yuya Sarashina Into the mind tour 2018 in Kumamoto
30 km »

Yuya Sarashina Into the mind tour 2018 in Kumamoto

Wednesday 10:00 (09 May)
くまもと県民交流館パレア, Kumamoto-shi

九州・熊本開催~色を楽しむお茶会 「ビジネスにも役立つ色彩心理コミュ
30 km »

九州・熊本開催~色を楽しむお茶会 「ビジネスにも役立つ色彩心理コミュニケーション」

Sunday 13:30 (22 April)
Hotel Nikko Kumamoto ホテル日航熊本, Kumamoto-shi

Kumamoto × Tokyo Bartenders Cocktail PARTY 〜Raising From Bartender〜
30 km »

Kumamoto × Tokyo Bartenders Cocktail PARTY 〜Raising From Bartender〜

Sunday 15:45 (22 April)
熊本ホテルキャッスル, Kumamoto-shi

第33回 永業塾くまもとステージ
31 km »

第33回 永業塾くまもとステージ

Saturday 14:00 (26 May)
熊本市国際交流会館(Kumamoto City International Center), Kumamoto-shi

Ruimte(ラウムテ)Live at 'Jazz Village Golby' 2018.5.12 sat

Ruimte(ラウムテ)Live at "Jazz Village Golby" 2018.5.12 sat

Saturday 20:00 (12 May)
Jazz Village GOLBY, Fukuoka-shi