Karoke Challenge NIPPON&PINOY

Karoke Challenge NIPPON&PINOY


Start time: Sunday 14:00 (17 June)
End time: Sunday 17:00 (17 June)


このイベントにて行われる企画 カラオケバトルではフィリピン人の皆様には日本語ソング・日本人の皆様にはタガログソングを歌っていただき競い合っていただくカラオケチャレンジの参加者を募集させていただきます。

詳しくは追って此方から情報配信(更新)させていただきますので定期的にこちらをご覧いただければと思います。予定日は6月17日となりますが、開始時間 予選方法がまだ未定となります。ご理解の上参加申し込みをお待ちしております。            日比カラオケバトル準備室


This event celebrates the independence for the Republic of Philippines, an important neighboring Asian partner that has long and deep relationship with our nation.
Since President Duterte’s inauguration, the relationship between Japan and Philippines is
the best that we have ever had. Our civilian exchange has also witnessed a daily increase.In this situation, we have aimed further kind relations between both country and mutualunderstanding with Filipino residents in Japan.
Last year, this event attracted more than 150,000 visitors with remarkable success. The
overall goal is to provide a place to communicate openly with both Filipino and Japanese. Moreover, we would like to provide the opportunity to introduce Japanese companies that are a leading in building economic ties based on the mutual agreement for both governments.
This year, we will work closely with the Filipinos, as they are full of vigor. We want to make this event better than last year as we continue to build on our successes.