Kamakura Sakura Cycling Trip!

Kamakura Sakura Cycling Trip!


Start time: Sunday 08:45 (11 March)
End time: Sunday 17:00 (11 March)


Spaces are limited to 17, so it's a first come first serve basis!

Rough plan:

8:30: Meet-up at JR Kamakura Station East Exit. This gives enough time to pick up rentals & start riding by 9am.

9:00: Our route will circle kamakura, hitting the mountains and temples first, and ending up at the beach!

9:15: We’ll first visit Myohon-ji temple, leave at 9:45

10:00: then arrive Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū temple

11:30: lunch at Komachi Dori until 12:30

12:30: meet up again then head towards Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine

1:15: we’ll then visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura

2:00: make our way towards Inamuragasaki Park, Here is the Optional onsen. Details below.

4:00: arrive at Yuigahama Beach chill til 4:00

4:30: return the bikes and head home, or hit up the optional onsen for those who wish.
Temperature: 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (9-14 degrees Celsius)
What to wear: You will want to dress warmly, but nothing bulky. (think jacket or hoody, gloves, sneakers & maybe a cap) Make sure you wear pants that you're comfortable walking/cycling in. Failure to do so may result in a uncomfortable chafing .
What to bring:
Lunch / lunch money: 2000 yen,
Bike rental money 2,150 yen to 1,600 yen (depending on what bike you wish to rent, if renting)
Money for train fare (varies on where you live)
Money for souvenirs residence card (or passport)
A water bottle or two.
In case of bad weather:
We will continue monitoring the weather & if the weather changes for the worse.
On Friday March 4th, we will send out an email letting you know if its cancelled or on.
The projected rain date for this trip is mid to late april (after finals)
Bike rental:
You will pay for the bike rental at the shop. Because of liability, the bicycle club does not take your money or make transactions for you.
*This is where we will be renting our bikes from (they're standard charinko)
If you’re bringing your own bike:
You’ll need a bike bag to bring it on the train. First come, first serve to borrow from the club until we run out.
Alternatively, You can also purchase one here for 3500 yen and it arrives fast.
Optional Onsen:
This is the onsen we have choose: Inamuragsaki Onsen
It is 1400 Yen for entrance charge, please bring a towel if you do so. The onsen offers sparkling hydrogen carbonate spring which delivers benefits for beautiful skin.
That’s all! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Best Regards,

Kento Elio Kondo Jorge

Student Government Club Liaison 2016-2018

TUJ Cycling Club Captain
E-mail: kentojorge@temple.edu

Phone: 080 2078 2121

Temple University, Japan Campus

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