Become an Advanced Diving Instructor in Tokyo!

Become an Advanced Diving Instructor in Tokyo!


Start time: Saturday 09:00 (16 December)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (16 December)


Do something fun and meaningful on your free time in Japan!!! Become a SDI&TDI Tech/SM Instructor with Japan Tech Academy.

Prerequisites: DM and doubletank experience
(Dec 9/10: TDI Intro to Tech - if no experience with doubles)
Dec 16/17: SDI ITC Numazu/Numazu
Dec 23/24: SDI ITC Numazu/Osezaki
Dec 29/30: SDI ITC Numazu/Atami
Jan 3: SDI ITC Numazu
Jan 4: SDI IE
Jan 5/6: TDI Intro to Tech IT
(Jan 12: SDI Side Mount Instructor IT)
(Jan 13: TDI Nitrox & SDI Computer Nitrox IT)

Cost: JPY 380,000 including required manuals, dive fees, gas, rental, tanks, backplate/wing, regulators. Meals/accommodation and transportation at own cost, OWSI registration/IE with SDI/TDI at cost to SDI/TDI Japan.

Notes: Courses must be conducted in drysuit and in backplate (SDI ITC in Single tank) with long hose.

() = options. Intro to Tech Diver JPY 50,000 (all included), Jan 12 SDI SM IT JPY 20,000 (training fee, manual, SM rig not provided), Jan 13 Nitrox 25,000 (training fee, manuals)

Non-refundable deposit JPY 50,000 PayPal before December 1 to receive manuals and secure your space on this ITC.

JTA provides advanced dive training (wreck/cave/ccr/deep/SM) and Instructor training at all levels. In 2017 we have already trained more than 20 Instructors. Next is you? ;-)

Message your email for details.