5th World Sports Yukikaki Championship in OTARU 2018

5th World Sports Yukikaki Championship in OTARU 2018


Start time: Saturday 09:30 (17 February)
End time: Saturday 17:00 (17 February)


The next world champion is YOU!

5th World Sports Yukikaki Championship will be held in Otaru city on February 17, 2018.

Yukikaki means to shovel snow.
In the morning, you go to residential areas in Otaru and do voluntary yukikaki.
You can enjoy yukikaki with other teams.

In the afternoon, you try “snow shoveling & move trial.”
Break the mass of snow and move it to a specific place as fast as possible!
After that, you try “snowman contest.”
Make as many snowmen as possible!

Championship flag, a trophy, winner certificate will be awarded to the champion and assorted Otaru seafood will be given as an extra prize.

People from all over the world join this championship every year.
Why don’t you try?
↓How to apply↓
1 access https://www.spoyuki.com/home .
2 Download the registration form
3 submit by e-mail.
(Details are written in this page.)

Thank you.