100 Kobudo Kata Challenge 2018

100 Kobudo Kata Challenge 2018


Start time: Sunday 10:00 (01 April)
End time: Sunday 13:00 (01 April)


100 Kobudo Kata Challenge: Sunday April 1st 2018.
The 4th annual Worldwide 100 Kobudo Kata event (location: TBC, Okinawa).
A worldwide martial arts event led from Okinawa, the home of kobudo and karate. Please join us in Okinawa or at your dojo for the 4th 100 Kobudo Kata Challenge. Every year hundreds of dojos from many countries around the world join this event in joint celebration of Okinawan martial arts.

The event consists of performing 100 kobudo kata in sequence. You are free to choose your preferred kobudo kata, and progress at your own pace. Participation is open all ages and levels. Even if you are not sure you can complete 100 repetitions we warmly encourage you to take on the challenge and do your best. The only way you can fail is by not taking part!!